Creating a Comfortable Workspace

Keeping up with the clutter around your desk can be a task well worth putting off. What if there were ways to keep your desk organized to stop the clutter in its tracks after all? During this time a lot of us are working from home while also homeschooling the kids. Finding ways to stay organized is the best way to prevent stress and a lot of mishaps. Here's a list of unforgettable hacks to keep your work desk organized and productive. 

1. Check your Dishwasher

Yes, your dishwasher happens to be one of the most useful tools you can use when it comes to desk organizing hacks. Minimize your hefty assortment of cups or jars you don't mind gluing together for convenient storage options for pens, paper clips, and more. You can get as creative as you want and add colors using a mixture of food coloring and Elmer's glue! Position them sitting up or down to create a look that's satisfying. Be sure to use a glue gun or strong adhesive to hold everything together.

2. Take a Trip to the Dollar Store

Taking a trip to the dollar store is your best bet if you are looking to organize your desk space for cheap. Not only can you find useful office supplies, but you can also make unique creations from candle holders and plates. Just glue a metal or plastic plate to a short candle holder and stack them as tall as you please. Check out the craft aisle for tons of ways you can customize desk name tags using paint and wooden letters. Don't forget to Check out the hardware aisles for suction cup hooks or removable ones you can stick to your desk to create a custom bag holder. No matter your preference, there are tons of creative options you can browse to keep your desk organized for cheap.

3. Locate Your Old Chalk Board

You'll come to appreciate the endless ways you can use a chalkboard when sprucing up your home office space. Maybe you want to make a sign to let customers know you're open or closed, or maybe you need a larger to-do list. Whatever the purpose, don't forget about chalk paint as well. You can paint a wall or space in your office and add inspirational quotes for a mood booster. Decorate and add your own designs for a beautiful masterpiece or keep it handy for a quick desk reminder tool.  

4. Brighten up Your Space with Curtains

Maybe you want to open the shades for a burst of energizing vitamin D, or you can add colorful shades to transform your space into a more shady and relaxing mood. If you live in a city where the sounds of cars, buses, and trains are keeping you from concentration, soundproofing curtains might be your next best option. Most soundproof curtains are designed to lower noise levels and add an additional black-out effect for sunnier days. Either way, changing your curtains will bring a whole new look to your office window area, and can even serve as additional privacy. 

5. Smell the Aroma

What does your office aroma smell like? The tuna fish you had for lunch last week? Or, did you forget about the spoiled egg salad stored under the desk last night? Smells can definitely make or break your home office experience. Here are some options to add a welcoming aroma to your desk space:
  • Scented candles or make your own with essential oils 
  • Standing oil diffusers
  • Continuous air fresheners 
  • A scented sachet
  • Plug-in diffusers
  • Reed diffusers
  • Carpet powder freshener
  • Scented beads
  • Plants & flowers 
  • Aerosol air freshener spray

Whether you work in an office or inside of your home, having a comfortable office space is essential for getting the most out of your workday. When you dwell in a comfortable working space, you also become more productive and less stressed about the clutter around you. These are just 5 ways you can add comfort to your office space. If you have more ideas please feel free to share them below!


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