Compete With Yourself

Have you done something today that contributes to your success goals? Each day I try to do something that will take me further into a successful day. It may be house chores, playing with my kids, cooking a new meal, catching up to old friends, and this list goes on...

 What have you done today that will take you further into success? Ask yourself that question every day for the rest of your life. Realize when enduring life's journey there will be people on a similar journey as well. Some will pass you, others will fall behind you. Never get discouraged.

Why? Because your journey is unique to your own circumstances. No one has experienced your unique journey the way you have. Many will attempt to travel the same route, or become inspired by your quest, however, your journey remains specific to you. Cherish your journey and tell the world. Tell your story even if it's not that great or as exciting to you compared to someone else. Competing with others helps to hinder the journey to success and often results in many setbacks. 

Look in the mirror and create your own successful life. Zero-in on your reflection and tell yourself you are succeeding for yourself and only yourself.

 We are all on the journey together, yet we are all taking different routes. 
Live Life to Prosper


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