Quiet anxiety

Quiet Anxiety
Photo courtesy of Davide Ragusa

You're quiet
Do not speak,
Or think.
Or be prestigious
Just stay religious,
And sit and be quiet
Don't question,
Just listen
The world is not yours
It is only for the loud,
And the rambunctious,
Those who act out
Not you
You are not worthy to be seen,
Or heard
You're quiet;
So stay that way
Stay hidden
Stay safe
Be timid of everything in deep lakes
It is only right for you.
After all,
This is what the mind uttered
Then I drifted into it
Someone who was afraid
To dream
To create
To finally be alive,
It feels great
As the mind told me lies
I have tried;
About a million times
To come back again
And fight the wind
Again and again
Even cried silver streams;
And often dreamed
And hoped
For the person I never was
For the person could only see
She reached out to me
Opening my sore eyes
And made me rise
Then I began to desire,
To be on fire
Now here I am
I am she
She is making me
As the world whispers and sleeps,
I remain in power
Of me
I am no longer quiet
I am she,
The significant one
I won't stop until I'm done.



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