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A Dream That Seems Impossible.

Hello prosperous, Welcome to Monday. What do you aspire to be? Have you done all you possibly can to be who you want to be? Even if you struggled to find that dream, know that it is okay. Sometimes you will find your dream in a matter of years. Some we're lucky to find it in 5 minutes, 10 minutes, or even a matter of seconds; know that you are different. As long as you are on that path of finding your dream, do not feel defeated. Do something each day to get you closer to your dream. Though life is passing you by faster than a racehorse, do not rush your dream. Even though you feel as if you are falling behind. Enjoy life's journey of exploring to find your dream. Inspiration will come from that path of exploration and you will find it; as long as you keep searching. In my late twenties, life is still taking me through the journey of my dream. I can only enjoy the experience, as I am very grateful to share my journey with you! Know that there is no set age or milest

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